Civilization 6: Kublai Khan (Chinese) Leader Guide

Kublai Khan Merch

The New Frontier Pass introduced 9 new Leaders to Civilization 6, beginning with the warlike Simón Bolívar and ending with the mercantile João III. The second to last release of the New Frontier Pass was the Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack, which introduced both Bà Triệu of Vietnam and the titular Chinese Leader to Civilization 6.

Kublai Khan was the grandson of Genghis Khan and worked to spread the Mongol Empire east into China, eventually forming the new Yuan dynasty in 1271. Reflecting this history, Kublai Khan is available as a Leader of both Mongolia and China in Civilization 6, and his economic brilliance can lead either nation to victory.

As a Leader of China, Kublai Khan shares the same Civilization Ability, Unique Unit, and Unique Infrastructure. However, his Leader Ability Gerege gives him much more of an economic focus than his fellow Chinese Leaders Yongle, Wu Zetian, and the two Personas of Qin Shi Huang.

Kublai Khan’s Gerege Ability is one of the most versatile of any Leader in Civilization 6, allowing him to pursue almost any victory type. The bonus Economic Policy Slot from Gerege can allow players to either stack more bonuses onto a single aspect of the game, such as Science or to shore up a weakness in their Civilization. It’s particularly helpful in the early game, where players get very few Policy Slots, and an extra one can be used to secure momentum-building Policies like Colonization.

While the first part of Gerege is universal, the second part works particularly well with China’s Dynastic Cycle Ability. Combining these two features, Chinese Kublai Khan can not only generate Eurekas and Inspirations at an incredible rate but will also get more value out of them than other Leaders. Advancing along the Civic and Technology trees is vital for any Civilization 6 victory, but the bonus Eurekas, in particular, can give Chinese Kublai Khan a serious edge when it comes to securing a Science Victory.


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